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State Report Card
Posted On:
Thursday, February 01, 2018

Tuscumbia City Schools


Dear Parents and Community Members,

As many of you are well aware from various news agencies, all schools in the state of Alabama will receive their state report card on February 1, 2018.  The state of Alabama was tasked with creation of a report card for each school in the state with a law passed originally in 2012.  There have been many mitigating factors that have led to the delay of reporting the scores for the schools.  As you are aware, the Alabama State Department of Education received a “C” for the state score that was recently released. Deshler Middle School also received a “C” or 76 on our state report card.

The grade that Deshler Middle School received is very important for many reasons.  Although it is important to know and understand the letter grade of your school, it does not demonstrate all of the areas of proficiency within a school.  Each school in the state of Alabama in grades 3-8 were scored on their student’s academic achievement, academic growth, along with chronic absenteeism. The report card for Deshler Middle School can be found on the Alabama State Department of Education website at

Tuscumbia City Schools understands and is fully aware that one score does not tell the whole story.  We are excited to receive our score in order that we can work on identifying opportunities for improvement and increase areas of success.  Many of our schools have undergone many positive changes in the past three years. Deshler Middle School has focused on student growth by involving students in data counseling and goal setting thus making them “Leaders of their Own Learning”. DMS students became more invested in their education and as a result we saw growth in our ASPIRE scores in 2016. Students will begin data counseling and goal setting with the new SCANTRON scores in the upcoming weeks. DMS also began a Project Lead the Way STEM program, Medical Detectives, for 7th grade this year . Another addition to the schedule is the 5th period Enrichment/REACH period. REACH allows each student to have an advocate at DMS! Teachers are engaging in weekly grade level meetings where they discuss data and best practices to drive instruction within their classrooms to best meet the needs of their students. Deshler Middle School is continually looking to improve instruction, attendance rates, and academic achievement.

The faculty and staff at Deshler Middle School along with all Tuscumbia City Schools hope that you will use this grade as a way to become more involved in your school and community.  You are our greatest ally in creating, developing, and implementing ways to improve our grade for future years.  

Please help us to raise our grade together through a community approach.  We are more than a score and we are going to improve.  Our mission and focus will continually be to educate children to strive to be the best in the state and nation.  Together we can achieve our goal of becoming a model school system in the state of Alabama.



Bryan Murner


Deshler Middle School


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